Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who's behind Little Seouls?

We're 2 Korean-American sisters. My younger sister was the one that came up with this idea after she adopted her daughter from Korea almost a year ago. She realized that there was a need in the adoption community for Korean kids products.

When she told me, I thought it was also a great idea for Korean-Americans like us. We're 2nd generation Koreans born and raised in Koreatown in Los Angeles, CA. We were fortunate to grow up with the Korean language and culture. Unfortunately, our kids are not exposed to it as much.

I've tried to look for products for my kids but all I could find were products designed to teach kids English but not Korean. I knew we weren't the only ones out there wanting to bring in the Korean culture and language to our kids. So through our research, we tried to bring all these things together. This was how Little Seouls was born.

-written by E.M.