Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is Pucca Korean or Chinese?

Pucca is an animation character created by Korean company, Vooz Character Systems. Pucca, a lone daughter of chinese restaurant owners, is desperately in love with a 12 year old ninja boy named Garu. She loves black noodles (Cha Chiang Mein) and seeks Garu's affection and kiss.

Like Pororo, Pucca is leading the international surge of Korean developed characters. Bu-Gyeong Kim, the creator of Pucca, finally answers the mystery question, "Is Pucca Korean or Chinese?" Kim says Pucca was never created with a nationality in mind, as he wants to leave it up to the imagination of the consumers. what do you think?

If you haven't watched Pucca, it appears on Disney Jetix. Pucca merchandise is everywhere. In fact, this fall and winter, you will also be able to purchase Pucca fashion wear at Benetton stores.

I haven't personally watched an episode, but I hear its geared towards young teens and adults.

-written by S.C.