Friday, September 26, 2008

Korean/Chinese Restaurant?

Now going back to the Pucca post, Korean/Chinese restaurants are unique from typical Chinese restaurants in that they serve 2 noodle dishes you cannot find at regular Chinese restaurants. They are Cha Chiang Mein (pronounced Ja Jang Myun) and Cham Pong (pronounced Jahm Bbong). Cha Chiang Mein is a favorite with Korean kids. It's noodles with black bean sauce. It's quite yummy. You will have to ask your Korean friends where they serve this as it will be hard to find. I say this because on the outside, it will just look like any other Chinese restaurant. Make sure to read the menu...under Noodle section-Cha Chiang Mein, noodles with black bean sauce.

The other noodle dish Cham Pong, my personal favorite, is a spicy seafood noodle soup. It is spicy and hot.

For most Koreans, it's always a tough decision on whether to order Cha Chiang Mein or Cham Pong. Some restaurants in Koreatown are now even selling a split bowl with one side Cha Chiang Mein and the other Cham Pong! Genius!

If you are trying this for the first time, I suggest trying the Cha Chiang Mein. Our kids love it! They call it noodles with brown sauce.

Also if you watched the hugely popular Korean drama, Coffee Prince, there is a scene in the beginning where they are having a Cha Chiang Mein battle. I remember watching that and my mouth watering! craving one right now!

-written by E.M.