Sunday, September 14, 2008

Korean Baby Carriers

With all the gazillion baby carriers out there, Korea has also made an entry into the U.S. market with 2 new brands, the iPhyeonhae Baby Carrier and iHosa Baby Carrier.

The iPhyeonhae (top picture) is the best selling one in Korea. It's cute and has some cute fabrics. The word Phyeonhae means comfort in Korean. The price is reasonable just $79.99. The sizing in these in Korea says Regular and XL but Regular and XL are different in Korea vs. U.S. sizing. As you all know, Koreans are very skinny. If you're a size 6, you're considered chunky. Crazy, I know! Anyways, we decided to list them as Petite and Regular because of these reasons. If you fluctuate between a size 4-6, I suggest getting a Petite as you might find the Regular a bit big.

iHosa (bottom picture) is another brand and their prices are higher at around $99-149. They have a huge selection of fabric choices. It seems very easy to put on as does the iPhyeonhae. The good thing about iHosa is that they carry larger sizes whereas iPhyeonhae only goes up to size Regular (size 6-12).

The great thing about both of these is unlike the popular Ergo, it does not make your stomach fat lump out over the safety belts when you have the baby on your back. If you have an Ergo, you'll know what I mean. Both the Korean brands have full fabric coverage, which is nice for those that have a little fat around the belly like me!

written by E.M.