Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's the deal with Korean Pajamas?

If you're not Korean, you're probably wondering why Little Seouls carries so many pajamas. The reason is that Korea makes really good quality pajamas at affordable prices.

Before I use to buy my kid's pjs at The Children's Place, BabyGAP, Carters, Target, Disney, etc. They're usually very thin, super tight and not very soft. I know they make it tight for fire protection but it looks so constricting. I also hate it that it wears out at the knees after a couple of months. I'm always having to replace them because of that.

Before Little Seouls, you couldn't find Korean pajamas online. The only way to get them was to ask anyone we knew going to Korea to buy us pjs for our kids. All my Korean mommy friends did the same. It's that popular! I know they're not the most stylish but the quality makes up for it. If you haven't bought one for your kids, you should! You'll probably come back for more!

The one in the picture is a lightweight cotton. We just got those from Korea! Now on sale! Aren't they cute?

written by E.M.