Friday, April 10, 2009

Just for Fun

We can't seem to stop talking about Boys Over Flowers! So if you still haven't watched it, we highly recommend it. One of our cousins, who is also 2nd generation Korean American, told us that watching the drama has helped her learn more about Korean culture. And boy is she addicted to it!

Since we are talking about dosiraks, we felt we had to include the cute dosirak designs that lead character Jandi created for lead man, Joon Pyo. :)

What's inside Jandi's bento box? Rolled egg omelete, broccoli, pink and white fish cakes, sausages wrapped in sea weed and chopped red bell peppers.

Here's a cooking video by Maangchi making Joon Pyo's favorite, the rolled egg omelete, which is a favorite dosirak (lunch box) item.