Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Korean Summer Culture Camps

Instead of the usual sport camps, there are many Korean heritage/cultural camps that your child can enjoy this summer. Here's a list of them taken from the Korean Quarterly Publication:

Month of June
June 16-19
Korean Heritage Camp
(Grand Rapids, MI)

June 18-21
Korean Heritage Camp
(Fraser, CO)

June 22-26
Camp Moon-Hwa
(Rochester, MN)

June 22-26
Korean Culture Camp of Easter MI
(Flint/Flusing, MI)

June 28-July 1
Camp MuJiGae
(Albany, NY)

June 29-July 3
Camp Choson
(Hudson, WI)

Month of July

July 6-10, 2009
KIDS Culture Camp (Korean Identity Development Society) in Bothell, WA

July 13-16
Camp Chingu
(Keuka Park, NY)

July 13-17
Kamp Kimchee
(Brainerd/Baxter, MN)

July 13-17
Camp Friendship
(Stirling, NJ)

July 16-18
Destination Korea Camp
(Dallas, TX)

July 16-20
(Loma Mar, CA)
*for adoptive families of color

July 19-23
Holt Heritage Camp
(Corbett, OR)

July 23-25
Korean Heritage Camp
(Tulsa, OK)

July 25
Camp Kajok
(Indianapolis, IN)

July 26-30
Holt Heritage Camp
(Ashland, NE)

July 27-31
Hands Around the World
(Roselle, IL)

July 27-August 8, July 27- August 22
Korean Language Village
(Bemidji, MN)

Month of August

August 2-6
Holt Heritage Camp
(Dobbins, CA)

August 3-8
Korean Culture Camp
(St. Paul/Minneaspolis, MN)

August 5-9
(Cedar falls, IA)

August 9-13
Holt Heritage Camp
(Starlight, PA)

August 10-22
Korean Langauge Village
(Bemidji, MN)

August 9-15
Camp Sejong
(Blairstown, NJ)

August 13--14
Adoption Day Camp
(Bloomington, MN)

August 16-22
Sae Jong Camp
(Central Michigan)

We also found that Korean Educational Center in Los Angeles has Korean Cultural Programs for youth during the school year, as well as leadership and lectures for Korean American youth in the summer. Here's there contact info to get their updated schedule:

Korean Education Center in Los Angeles (KECLA)
Tel: (213) 386-3112~3
Fax: (213) 386-3138