Thursday, April 9, 2009

Korean traditional folk dancing classes in the US

Here's an alternative to ballet for the little princess' in your life...Korean traditional dancing! There are classes throughout the US! Here are some locations I found:

Morning Star in Lynwood, WA (Picture from Morning Star)

Mu Gung Hwa Dance Academy in Minneapolis, MN

KOS Traditional Korean Dance Studio in Northridge, CA (818) 993-3333

Korean American Folk Dance Company in Philadelphia, PA (215) 927-4318

Song Hee Lee Dance Company in NY, NY

LA Korean Folk Dance Studio in Los Angeles, CA (323) 733-0500

Jung Im Lee Dance Academy
in Los Angeles, CA
Picture from Jung Im Lee Dance Academy.

Chang Mi Korean Dance in St. Paul, MN.

Weon Korean Dance Institute
in Palm Harbor, FL.

Northern California Music & Art Culture Center, San Francisco, CA

If you know of more, please email me at so I can put them on our list.