Monday, October 20, 2008

Korean Dolls

We have been searching high and low in Korea for a cute Korean doll for Little Seouls. After much searching, we have come to the conclusion that Korea does not make "asian-looking" dolls. They have traditional Barbie type dolls in hanboks but we wanted to carry something more toddler-friendly. Most of the dolls in Korea are very caucasian-looking. They have some other dolls called Ddung, which are really cute but it's more of a collectible and it's pricey. We also found out that kids in Korea are really into stuffed animals more so than dolls.

With that said, we discovered these asian dolls made by a US company and added them to our store. We thought these would be great for your little ones to play with. They have a rag doll look about them that we find charming.

The top 2 dolls are educational dress up dolls where they teach your kids how to zip zippers, tie laces, and use buttons.