Friday, October 24, 2008

Korean Desserts

As you probably know, Pinkberry was started by a Korean couple. The yogurt's tart flavor has been around a long time as a yogurt drink (aka Yogurut). Apparently Red Mango was the first to have such a store in Korea. Well whoever came up with it doesn't matter to me...I just love it! The funny thing is I never liked the Yogurut drinks growing up and I still don't.

The tart flavor does take some getting use to but after a couple of tries, you'll be addicted. Don't forget to add the mochi. Although it defeats the purpose of eating non-fat yogurt, the mochi tastes so good with the yogurt.

Here is a picture of my very adorable nephew who's half Korean and half Taiwanese eating his Red Mango yogurt. Can you tell he's loving it?

Another popular Korean dessert is the Pat Bing Soo. It's a combination of shaved ice with sweet red beans, condensed milk, ice cream, fruit, syrup, cereal, dduk (rice cake) and anything else you want on it. You can find this at most Korean bakeries or cafes.

If you ever have a chance to go to a Korean bakery, try their Cream Bread called Cream Pang. This is my son's favorite. It's got custard inside and it's so good. Actually all of it's good. The difference between Korean and American bakeries are that Korean ones are not as sweet as American pastries. Korean pastries are very light and fluffy. My favorite bakery is Paris Baguette. They have locations in California, NY and NJ.