Friday, November 19, 2010

Welcome Home Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to the Lee Family!

Hear their personal adoption story below. Thank you for sharing! And congrats to your upcoming arrival of your son!

We are a second time around adoptive family waiting for our second son to come home. Our daughter was also adopted from Korea (pictured with us and our biological son). Our son's name will be Jamin S. Lee. We decided to adopt after our son Jadon was born with medical issues (that did resolve over time with no adverse effects) but were told by our doctor that a second pregnancy would be very dangerous. My husband grew up in Daegu, Korea and I worked in Daegu for 4 years as an ESL teacher/professor. So, we went ahead and adopted our daughter Arianna from Korea three years ago. After meeting many Korean American
families who mostly adopted girls, we realized there was a need (if we were going to
adopt again) to adopt Korean boys. So, here we are waiting for our little Jamin to
come home! I would LOVE to win this because the bedspread I picked for our son's bed
actually has airplanes on it like the poster!