Friday, November 5, 2010

This Week's Winner of the Hangul Poster Giveaway Contest

Winner is the DeMaster Family!

Their story:
"We decided to adopt because we knew there were so many children in the world
waiting for families and that our family wasn't complete yet! We adopted
from Korea because we were very impressed with how they care for orphans,
with excellent foster families and wonderful medical care.

Adopting Julia has changed our family for the better! After having two
boys, it is fun to see how raising a girl is different. Julia is such a
smart, adorable little girl and she brings us so much joy. Our family knows
that blood doesn't make you a family, love does!"

Each Friday this month, we will be selecting an adoptive family to highlight
their family's adoption story. The selected family will also win a Hangul Poster.
We hope by highlighting a family a week, we will help raise awareness and honor
this special month devoted to Adoption.