Thursday, August 6, 2009

Great Baby's First Dol Ideas!

I recently came across a blog called the Im Family. Sang, the mom, recently blogged about her son's dol and thought I'd share her great ideas with our readers. Sang is also a talented cake designer and gives private lessons in her home in Fairfax, VA.

Here is the cake she made for her son's dol. I love all the traditional touches she put on the cake!

She also hand-made her son's invitation! I love the 3D flower in the front and how it opens up into this elaborate but also very traditional card.

For party favors, she put her son's picture on round metal tin cans. Love it!

Lastly, she made the doljabi board/picture board.

Here guests get tickets to place their bet on what they think her son would pick in the doljabi. Once her son picks up an object, they'll pick a winner from the tickets. That winning ticket would then get a prize.

If you'd like to share your dol ideas, send us an email at! You may be featured on our blog!