Friday, July 24, 2009

Make your own Modern Korean Table

If you've watched Korean dramas, the coffee table is like the main piece of furniture. It's where they have their meals, coffee, eat fruit, study or just talk. Unlike the standard coffee tables, the Korean ones are much shorter. They are about 12 inches high. It probably won't go well with american furniture unless you have a low profile sofa.

My sister has one, the foldable kind, that she uses all the time since she has small kids. The kids love using this table because it's just their size. Usually on regular coffee tables, kids have to be on their knees to use it which is really uncomfortable. It's difficult even for me to eat on a regular coffee table.

After seeing how much the kids use this table, I was on a hunt to find one for my son to use as a craft/play table. The ones I found were all so tacky. They were either too ornate, too small, too red, or just looked too cheap. It didn't quite fit the look I had in mind for that area.

So my husband said he wanted to make one with parts from IKEA. We went and got a table top for $19.99 and legs for $20, a round light for $14.99. We went home and my husband cut the legs to 12 inches and made a hole in the center of the table for the light. And this is the final product! We love it and it's been working out great! My son uses it all the time to build Legos, play games, draw, etc. Just thought I'd pass along this idea!