Thursday, March 3, 2011

Korean Baby Gold Ring

Koreans have valued gold for centuries and it has been a long lived tradition to give out gold rings to babies celebrating their first birthday. The gold ring signifies "longevity and hope for a prosperous life." Most families typically have about 5 to 15 dol rings that they have received as gifts. Customarily, these rings are kept in a safe place until the child reaches adulthood. Usually, parents will later melt the ring into a necklace or a larger piece of jewelry and give it to the child when they are older.
As the gold price has soared, along with a falling economy, the tradition of giving a dol ring has declined in recent years. For those who want to continue the tradition, many are opting for "half don" rings since these are less expensive while significant in meaning. Despite the increase in gold price, many Koreans still prefer to give a traditional dol ring than giving cash.
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