Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hangul Poster Giveaway Contest Winner (Final Drawing)

Meet the Mundala family! Their story is below:

"Our journey to adoption started after our emotionally
draining fertility
treatments came to an end. Additional
treatment options were available,
but we did not feel they
were the right choice for us. Instead, on
September 24th,
2007, we chose to pursue adoption.We both felt that this

was God’s purpose for us.

Adoption has brought our family so many blessings. Every
day we look into
our son's eyes and are so thankful for
him and all the wonderful people who
took such great care
of him before he was in our arms forever. We couldn't

imagine life without him. He has brought so much joy
to our family!"

Although National Adoption Month officially ended in
November, we hope that the personal stories shared by
the winners have helped in raising adoption awareness. To
see more beautiful families formed through adoption, you
can visit