Thursday, March 4, 2010

Making Dol Go-Im with Paper Towels

We got a lot of feedback from people saying how they loved the Gamble's post on "How to make Dol Go Im (Dol towers)." Here's another way people make them using paper towels! Credit to creative crafter, Petitemandoo. Thank you Susan for letting us post this!

  • You can use any type of hard candy really. Or Goya beans. I used starburt jelly beans and white and blay goya beans. This isn't really hard. It's just very time consuming and you WILL burn your fingers.

    You will need:
    - Hot glue gun
    - Hot glue sticks
    - Hard candy / Beans / Gum balls
    - Paper towel rolls

  • I did 5 of them. You can do whatever design your heart desires. I wanted to do a mouse for the year that she was born so I actually found this picture online of Hello Kitty in a mouse costume, got rid of the costume part, blew it up, and taped it to a paper towel roll.