Friday, January 22, 2010

Please help save Connor!

Connor is a 5 year old Korean American boy who desperately needs a bone marrow match. Read his aunt Michelle's plea for help:

"Connor is my brother's and sister in law's only child. He’s a beautiful 5-year old who is an avid swimmer, loves all things Ben10, and considers the little mermaid Ariel his girlfriend.

We just learned that he has X-linked hyper IGM. This clinical sounding disease is a devastating immuno-deficiency. The 1 in a million diagnosed usually succumb to liver cirrhosis or lung infection at an early age, the lucky few may survive into their mid-20’s.

Connor’s dad, my brother, says Connor never complains about the many needles that the nurses poke him with during his monthly blood transfusions or about the innumerable flus, stomach aches and other infections he’s had since he was born.

Before I learned about Connor’s disease, I never knew how difficult it is for minority patients to find bone marrow matches. Because matching is dependent on genetics, Connor’s donor will most likely be of the same ethnicity.

A bone marrow transplant is the only hope he has. It’s the only known cure.

Please join the bone marrow registry. You can register online at or (use promo code TeamConnor) - it takes 10 minutes to join.

Please help save Connor and others like him. Thank you."

Michelle (Connor’s Aunt)

*Please help spread the word and join Saving Connor Fan page on Facebook. Asians are under-represented in the bone marrow registry. You can help save a life!