Thursday, September 17, 2009

What is the difference between the Parklon and LG Prime Play Mat?

If you're in the market for a play mat, you've probably heard of LG Prime but you're probably wondering what's Parklon? Parklon is the company that manufactures both mats. LG Prime is more expensive because of their brand. The mats are otherwise the same. So if you are looking to save some money, we recommend Parklon. They are exactly the same quality.

So what's so special about these mats?

1. The mats feel so good on your feet!
2. Waterproof. No worries of drinks spilling or crumbs going in between those other puzzle mats.
3. Come in vibrant colors and characters.
4. High quality Eco-friendly PVC material. The chemicals used in this PVC is all natural and are tested and proven to be free of any toxic materials including: Pb, Ba, Cd, Hg, Cr.
5. Do you live in an apartment of condo? Great for soundproofing!
6. Excellent thermal insulation. Will keep your kids feet warm during winter months!
7. No sharp edges! Safe for kids!

Check them out here! We've recently lowered the prices and offer free UPS Ground shipping!