Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Traditional Korean Baby Carrier - Podaegi

Koreans have a long history of carrying babies on their backs. If I close my eyes and think of an image of a Korean "halmoni" (grandma) carrying a baby, I visualize her carrying the baby on her back with a podaegi. Many Korean children are cared for by their grandmothers during the day while their parents are working....and I'm guessing that is why the podaegi is still in use despite the emergence of new updated designs.
Or maybe its because its economical to have one in addition to the having the more pricier chunei brands. I know for me, podaegis bring back feelings of comfort and tradition.

The traditional Korean podaegi is great to have as your second carrier for around the house. Its very comfortable for the baby as it is basically a blanket with straps. Its a great time to buy one right now at Little Seouls as we are having 20% OFF SALE on ALL Traditional Korean Podaegis at Litte Seouls!