Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Instructions on How to Wear a Traditional Korean Podaegi

It can be very confusing when trying to figure out how to wrap a podaegi, a Korean traditional blanket carrier. Here are some basic instructions below:

Lay your podaegi on a sofa and place your infant on the center of the podaegi. Make sure the podaegi goes all the way up to the base of the baby's neck.

Sit down in front of your baby and pull the straps of the podaegi in front of you with your child carefully positioned inside the podaegi. Make sure you hold your baby's bottom at all times until your podaegi is completely tied and ready to use.

While holding the podaegi straps in front of you with one hand and your other hand holding your baby's bottom, lean over and make sure your baby is in a good, safe comfortable position. Place your baby high on your back.

Cross the straps across your chest at your armpit level and then move the straps securely under your baby's bottom. (Remember to keep your back in a leaning position until the straps are under your baby's bottom.)

Lastly, pull the straps in front of you and securely tie them around your waist.

Please follow the directions carefully in order to avoid potential harm to your baby if your podaegi is not positioned carefully.

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